Saturday, December 21, 2013

the latest on esby apparel

esby dress and scarf.  madewell tote.
so much has happened in the past few months with esby.
there has been a lot of hard work, a lot of growing, and soon there will be a line to prove it.

i didn't share too much about my trip to the factory in november as time got away from me, but it was a wonderful trip.  i left feeling accomplished and with the factory on the same page as esby.  it's amazing the difference a day at the factory can really make.  we really bonded and are all excited to be working together.  it's a great feeling.

since my trip to New Orleans, i've received near perfect samples!  i was beyond thrilled.  before sending the samples back out the door, i couldn't help but quickly style them on my friend and snap some pictures.  the samples are now at wash facilities undergoing one last stage before returning to me for the photo shoot.  the cotton chambrays and indian ikats are at BPD Washhouse getting softener washes, stone washes, and even a little bleach.  the white cotton voiles are in Raleigh, North Carolina at a garment dying facility.  Garment dying is a process that adds dye to the wash and results in beautiful faded colors and soft hand-feels.  All of these processes take some shrink out of the garments for a truer fit.  i am pumped to get my hands on them again.

here is a peek of some of the shots i got.  even the unfinished garments look really good!
esby top and scarf
esby top
esby tunic
esby top
esby scarf, scala hat
esby maxi dress, jcrew cashmere cardigan
next up
in january, i have a team of talented people that i am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with.
we will be working together on the esby launch video, photo shoot, and look book.  the website,, will go live, and the kickstarter will launch the very next month.  production will also start in february.

stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on esby, and please tell your friends!

all images in this post are my own.please do not share without permission.
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  1. Good Luck Stephanie! So proud of you! Annie


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