Thursday, September 26, 2013

a sneak peek of esby

gears are in motion, folks!
i just sent my first set of esby samples back to the factory in new orleans with comments and changes for an even better second set to arrive next month.
i remember that feeling during my corporate days that we would get just before unpacking samples that the factory made based on sketches and detailed instructions.  it was a weighty feeling and turned to excitement once we realized they were able to translate the look that we were hoping to achieve.  AND that feeling when things went all wrong.

a MUCH crazier feeling when it's your own line, own money, own everything.
but of course, incredibly exciting.

i have also developed my main labels, which was more fun than one might think.  i've bought most of my bulk fabric yardage for season one.  i have bought all the pearl buttons i need for production.  and i am working on finalizing my wash processes with BPDwashhouse in new jersey.

this is indeed an exciting time, but incredibly nerve-racking.  
with checks being written, there is no turning back now!

i wanted to give you guys all a glimpse of what some of the first samples look like.  i am making some changes and have added in two more tops, after dropping a favorite piece that just wasn't working out.

(please excuse the phone quality photos)

yarn dyed striped chambray tunic in the works:
this maxi is a V in the front and the back and has a high slit up the sides.  dress it up or down:

scarves & bandanas, too...
smaller scarf is still pretty big:
but the larger scarf will double as a park and beach blanket:
PLEASE stay tuned and tell ALL of your friends and family about esby!  
once final samples are in - the fun really begins.  i will be working on a photo shoot, video, and a look/book for season one.  
i have decided a kickstarter campaign is the right way to move forward with my first season, so more on that soon!

thanks again for all of your support!
stay tuned,
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  1. You should meet up with Sharon and do your fashion shoot!!!


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