Wednesday, August 7, 2013

esby got an office space

aaaand it's august. 
how that happened so fast, I'm not quite sure. 
but I have been pretty busy.
not only did  I take a really wonderful trip with the boy to new york in july to see good friends and chill out for a few days, i've made some big strides on esby.
and unexpected ones, at that.  (the nature of the game)
at dinner one night with my friend, ann, i was given a really great opportunity on a space for esby that i just couldn't pass up.  office space wasn't even on my radar at this point, but i toyed around with the idea for a few days anyway.  once the boy and i saw the space the very next day, it was clear it was the right thing to do.  

i've quickly learned that one of the most amazing things about living in austin while starting this line is that everyone is eager to help, and people want to share.  i am sharing said office space with my talented friends, ann and molly.  ann, you may remember from here, is a very smart and successful interior designer and she has started doing some amazing things around town. molly is using her space for her photography business, molly winters photography, that she has owned here in austin for quite a while.  
it is really exciting to be sharing an office space with these two talented ladies.  the amount of fresh ideas that will bounce around our space and inspire us are truly endless, and that kind of inspiration is vital to our growing businesses.  
added bonus: our studio space is at Canopy, where we share walls with other inspiring and gifted people doing things in austin.
for now, i frequent the office during time off from my day job, but it's great to have a space for esby to call home.  it will soon be filled with bolts of fabric and production samples as esby continues to be born.  

more on that in my next post.


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