Sunday, June 16, 2013

here's to a weekend off! an update on esby

two days off in a row is where it's at.  to a lot of people i know, that's a weekend.  but i also know a lot of people that cherish those two days that rarely happen side by side.  thanks, service industry.  
but, ahhhh.  finally two days and it feels so good.
these two days were esby workdays for me.  and i got a lot done!
the first four esby styles are out the door and i couldn't be more excited.
i would have had time for more without those few hours of technical difficulties taking up my precious time.  but i guess that's what exciting startups are all about...getting through the hiccups.

i am quickly learning that trying to align the timings of materials and availability of what you need doesn't always go hand in hand.  the last thing i want to do is sacrifice the quality of what i want esby to be.  this may mean i wait two months for the fabric i want.  and fingers crossed it actually arrives!

it's been exciting so far and this is just the beginning..

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  1. So where can people buy your clothes when they are done?

    1. through me via an online store. and maybe even in a few austin shops!


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