Sunday, May 5, 2013

austin's rosewood collective

after a drink with a friend at hillside farmacy a few weeks ago, it was highly suggested that i check out rosewood collective.  it's a charming old house turned retail space for 3 small boutiques, all owned by young women.

olive is owned by laura uhlir and features clothing, jewelry and accessories - vintage and new. 
sound & true's owner, mary kathryn paynter, sells a collection of handmade home and outdoor goods.
and paper party sells paper products ranging from gift cards to wall art.  glade hensel owns paper party and was working in the store while i was there.
the store was perfection and i love their whole concept of reducing overhead and working together for their brick and mortar space.

i knew after about fifteen minutes that i was in trouble and wanted everything in sight.  i had to get out of there, but not before buying a set of two skinny gold rings that stack together.  bonus- they were only $16 each!  i haven't taken them off since.

i'm looking forward to going back in again soon.
if you are in austin, don't miss out - you're in for a great afternoon if you pair your trip with a meal and cocktail at hillside farmacy.

check out their website, at 
and their facebook page, here
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Friday, May 3, 2013

esby clothing - the beginning..

wow.  it's already may!
what a whirlwind few weeks. i mean, months.
i've been absent from here, and everywhere really, if it doesn't involve my day job(s).
i took on two jobs for a little while, trying to save up for the clothing line.  i came super close to over-doing it, but the end is near.  thank you, boyfriend, for bearing with me.
in just a few days, i'll have my first normal schedule along with regular days off!
after many weeks without any, i now understand how important days off can be. 
(i say that while i'm sure i'm getting sighs and looks from my mother friends out there.  but retail doesn't have the same perks that your own child provides you while busting your butt) :)

anyway - on to the real reason i'm writing more than usual today.
most of you know i'm starting my own clothing line. (!)
this is something i've been talking about for many years and i'm so excited it's finally here.  i finally have the time and a little savings to put towards this dream of mine. 
i have had countless conversations about how frustrating the apparel industry can be.  quality is slipping away in womenswear and throw away fashion is taking over!

meanwhile, men seem to have it made when it comes to quality clothing.  (looking at you, STAG.  you too, JCrew)  also, most men don't shop very often - so what they do buy, they will likely wear and love for years.  and the quality has to be there.
after many years in the industry as a menswear designer, this is also what i desire and have had a hard time finding.  (except for you, madewell, thank you!  always killing it.  but i can't just keep buying everything you make..i feel a little silly when i realize i'm in head-to-toe madewell. every. day.)  

i want beautiful, timeless, comfortable, flattering, well-made, women's clothing that i can wear year after year.  i like my clothing to feel like a second skin and i don't like to think too much about what i'm putting on.  nothing too trendy. nothing too classic.  i also want something that isn't mass produced.  and (well)made in america would also be nice.

with all of that said, here esby goes trying to give it to you guys!  in small quantities to start.  but let's see where this goes.  
i took a trip with a dear friend to cali in febuary for the LA Textiles show.  i took in a few overwhelming seminars and many many booths of beautiful fabrics.  

since then, i've ordered some sample yardage and nailed down a factory in new orleans, called nola sewn.  
here is a great article about nola sewn in WWD.

in the coming weeks, i will finalize logos, tags, and labels.  develop trims and start to sketch.  i hope to have my first few samples by the summer.  and then we will see how this goes.  i am also working on a website and will continue to post here, of course.  in posting about this process, i hope to create excitement, keep myself motivated and hold myself accountable.  i've found that it's a daunting dream at times, but i have to follow through.  and every step i've taken has been more exciting than the last.

thank you so much for all of your continued support!  
i also hope this will be an open forum so i can hear your thoughts and what you want in your own closet.  so please feel free to comment.


i couldn't post without some here's a peak at a few esby inspiration boards

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