Saturday, March 23, 2013

ann lowe: my friend's homes

welcome back.  i've been a stranger this month.
i have worked every day except one in almost three weeks and exhaustion has officially set in.
so much has happened this month, along with SXSW and my LA trip.  all exciting.  although tiring.  but more to come on that.

please enjoy ann lowe's blog about her friend's homes.  
ann and i work together at mercury a few days a week. 
we haven't known each other long, but i can tell we are going to be friends.

ann lowe is an interior designer, stylist, artist, and all around talented lady.  
not only has she scored some major interior design work around austin, ann also has her own catering business.  you know, no big deal.

on her site, myfriendshomes, ann shoots her friend's interiors here in austin with real film and shares all the goodness.  she has a really great eye and shoots from an interesting perspective.  
so hard to narrow down for this i didn't really try.
some of my favorites.....

images source: myfriendshomes
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

comfy cozy

image source: jjjjound
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