Wednesday, February 20, 2013

indigo envy. dye away.

let's just face it.  indigo is wildly popular and not going anywhere anytime soon.  

and for good reason.
45rpm's spring lookbook
indigo is pretty much the perfect dye.  the plant based dye produces a beautiful deep blue that fades and weathers well over time.  many of my most coveted pieces are dyed with indigo and are essentially never going out of style.

traditionally, the fabric is dyed and dried 15 to 20 times to produce such a deep rich color.  then the indigo is sun dried to deepen the color.  this makes the process labor intensive and time consuming, which increases it's value and price.
finished garment then dyed with indigo

don't stop with apparel. 
indigo can inspire an entire room.
shibori technique
due to the expensive and lengthy process, most items sold today are made of a synthetically produced dye that is more affordable during mass production...which makes it even more appealing to me to try and dye at home.

if you are interested in learning more about indigo dying, click on the pictures below for DIY blog posts and more information and inspiration.
indigo DIY post on the blog stardustcoyote
it will be messy, but worth it.
most plant based fabrics look great dyed with indigo.  denim, canvas, and cotton slub jersey are a few of my favorites.
the more times you dip, the darker the dye will become

excitingly, many kits are available online for you to dye with indigo at home. i found the below dye kit for $42 at arrow and arrow and it includes everything you need to get started.  
indigo dye kit sold online at arrowandarrow
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  1. Hey! Thanks for featuring my blog stardustcoyote!
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    1. you are very welcome!
      it's a great DIY post and i can't wait to try it myself!


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