Wednesday, January 16, 2013

STITCH & HAMMER by amy tremper

how do you place huge smiles and googly eyes on our faces at stag, you ask?

you bring a dog into the store.

we will likely drop everything to pet that adorable doggie and give away a treat.

that's exactly how i happened to meet designer and maker, amy tremper.
amy stopped into stag with cute guy and doggie in tow while visiting from boulder, colorado.

we instantly hit it off thanks to the hound, and got to talking about the lack of women's stores like stag.  i then complimented her buttery leather tote.  come to find out, amy is already doing a lot to contribute to the market of this women's needed niche.  
amy's gorgeous bag was made by her.  it was stunning, simple and well made, while also having a chic and unique vibe.  well done, STITCH & HAMMER!

now, go snag your own STITCH & HAMMER bag by visiting her brand new website.  she also carries her line in several boutiques, such as spartan.  other locations are listed here.  
 image source: STITCH & HAMMER
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