Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY industrial desk

now that i'm settling in and starting to work on creative projects again, i definitely need a desk.  
i keep picturing a long plank of wood for the top and plumbing piping for the legs and some great storage to keep things out of sight.  a long and narrow desktop will take up less space and keep my bedroom more streamlined than a traditional desk.
i started my DIY research and found a few great sources for industrial furniture.

this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living has a great guide on an industrial desk how-to.  this desk will go great with my living room shelves from this custom project.
once i finish the desk, i will post pictures of my austin apartment.
until then, check out the images below and the links on how to make your own custom furniture.
check out the industrial desk how-to.
i am going to combine the above guide with the DIY desk i found at apartment therapy.
photo cred: apartment therapy
i also love martha stewart's storage unit how-to.

all how-to guides are in the january issue of martha stewart living.

photos by Marcie McGoldrick. courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013.

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