Saturday, January 26, 2013

bundle up, navajos

the near 80 degree days in austin lately has made me ditch my layers and bare winter arms in tank tops and short sleeves!

while i've been basking in warm sunlight, northerners aren't feeling the same in the midst of recent zero degree temps and snowflakes.  so this post is for them.

check out all these cozy looks sporting military greens and navajo patterned scarves and sweaters.  get inspired and stay warm by layering fun patterns and tones together.  my favorite happens to be the lady in the second picture.  although no navajo, how beautiful is she in her greens and blues, and funky shades?

image sources:  the sartorialist, le love, garcon
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Monday, January 21, 2013

keep it simple

image source: jjjound
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

STITCH & HAMMER by amy tremper

how do you place huge smiles and googly eyes on our faces at stag, you ask?

you bring a dog into the store.

we will likely drop everything to pet that adorable doggie and give away a treat.

that's exactly how i happened to meet designer and maker, amy tremper.
amy stopped into stag with cute guy and doggie in tow while visiting from boulder, colorado.

we instantly hit it off thanks to the hound, and got to talking about the lack of women's stores like stag.  i then complimented her buttery leather tote.  come to find out, amy is already doing a lot to contribute to the market of this women's needed niche.  
amy's gorgeous bag was made by her.  it was stunning, simple and well made, while also having a chic and unique vibe.  well done, STITCH & HAMMER!

now, go snag your own STITCH & HAMMER bag by visiting her brand new website.  she also carries her line in several boutiques, such as spartan.  other locations are listed here.  
 image source: STITCH & HAMMER
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pin it!

just wanted to make you all aware that i've added the ever popular Pin It! button to the bottom left corner of each post.  if you see something you like, be sure to click that button and you can select any number of images from that page to save on your own pinterest boards.  your new screen will look something like pin away!
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Monday, January 14, 2013

CAMP x PACE by gwen riley

gwen and i work together at stag.  while she isn't working, gwen is busy creating CAMP x PACE right here in austin.
gwen works with repurposed upholstery leathers and metals to create durable small leather goods, such as lanyards and keychains.  her pieces are of the highest quality with so much attention to detail, and each one are truly one of a kind.
levi's has a project called made here that celebrates talented local artists like gwen.  her pieces are available in select levi's stores nationwide.  if you find yourself in malibu, ca, meatpacking, new york, or newbury street, boston, snag one of gwen's pieces before they are all gone.
gwen also carries a line she created specially for stag.  come by the store or check them out online.

photo source: camppace, stagaustin
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Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY industrial desk

now that i'm settling in and starting to work on creative projects again, i definitely need a desk.  
i keep picturing a long plank of wood for the top and plumbing piping for the legs and some great storage to keep things out of sight.  a long and narrow desktop will take up less space and keep my bedroom more streamlined than a traditional desk.
i started my DIY research and found a few great sources for industrial furniture.

this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living has a great guide on an industrial desk how-to.  this desk will go great with my living room shelves from this custom project.
once i finish the desk, i will post pictures of my austin apartment.
until then, check out the images below and the links on how to make your own custom furniture.
check out the industrial desk how-to.
i am going to combine the above guide with the DIY desk i found at apartment therapy.
photo cred: apartment therapy
i also love martha stewart's storage unit how-to.

all how-to guides are in the january issue of martha stewart living.

photos by Marcie McGoldrick. courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

my best friend, denim

i love you, denim.  i do.
people have a special relationship with their denim, and i am one of them. 
denim is one of the most interesting and versatile fabrics out there, and probably the most timeless.  it's dressy or casual, and there are endless washes and fits, making denim perfect for everyone. 
now that i am selling denim to Stag customers, i've learned more about fit, quality, and care.
proper fit and care means you will be wearing your jeans days longer and loving them more each wear.

check out the denim looks below with tips on how to care for your own.

also, watch this video below on how denim is washed and treated at BPD Washhouse.  my friend, Bill Curtin, started BPD Washhouse and is doing some amazing things over there.  Bill is selling his denim line this summer exclusively at Bloomingdale's SOHO.  buy now on his website,
buy your denim as fitted as possible.  denim will stretch by nature and they will fit like a glove after just a few wears.  if you buy them too big, they will stretch and you will be pulling them up constantly.
for best results, wear your denim for as long as possible before washing.  each time your denim is washed, you lose indigo from the dye and you have to work to re-shape them back to your body.  
never dry your denim.  they will shrink and lose their shape.  wash inside-out and lay flat or hang to dry.  be sure they are completely dry before wearing again.
some people don't want to wash their denim at all, which is fine.  to remove any funk, seal your denim in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer to kill oder-causing bacteria.
if buying raw denim, avoid any contact with lighter colored materials to prevent any color exchange.

if your denim gets a rip or tear, leave it or have it repaired at a taylor.  repairs in denim only add character.
check your local thrift store for some great boyfriend cuts.  for the summer, snag a larger pair and cut them off into shorts.
 photo source:  jjjjound
video source:  BPD Washhouse

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