Tuesday, October 23, 2012

moved in/spiration

well.  so sorry for the delay.  but, i'm here!  settling into austin!  
and so far, so great.

my new super-huge apartment is a world of difference from my west village apartment.
many of you may not consider it huge.  but believe me.  it's huge.
i have actual cabinets that are empty.  nothing in them.
i have places to put things that don't contain things...yet.
i have a place for everything i own!
i have room to cook.  and clean.  
i can see all of my clothes at once.  
i have my very own outdoor space.  
a shower that doesn't scold me unexpectedly.  
ceilings that don't leak.  
and a kitchen with a garbage disposal.  
these are all very exciting things.  trust me.

i will miss so much about new york, but this new sweet pad is making it pretty easy to forget i once lived right above a coffee shop and a wine store in the best city in the world.

i have started to decorate but am not ready to post anything just yet.  so, i will leave you with my top favorite photos from the never-disappointing inspiration source: remodelista.

 will post again soon..  and on the reg!
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