Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a boho navajo life

i am pretty sure no one knows this, but i can't get enough navajo in my life.
i love the relaxing, sun drenched, printed and patterned boho vibe going on these days.  not that it's new news.
so do me a favor and click here to buy one of the bags below.  designed by a great friend of mine, Darby, for american eagle!
she gave me the navajo one for my birthday and i can't wait to go buy the striped.
also, stop by arrow and arrow for the jewels.  this boutique is moving from austin to nashville, but she also has an online store.  her collections are really great.
a side note: this friday, i leave for austin!  (pre-austin inspired post?) i cannot wait to explore this city i've been dying to see.  remember this post?

so vintage, so girly
the bohemian muse (great images here)
ae.com (for the bags!)
arrow and arrow (for the vintage jewels)
lovers in vain
a time to get (great blog)
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