Thursday, April 19, 2012

my teeny-tiny apartment

it's official.
impatience has set in.  
i feel like i've applied to college and am waiting to hear back.  
still waiting.

last week, i decided to enter my teeny-tiny apartment into a little online contest.  one of my favorite blogs, apartment therapy, has an annual contest featuring small living spaces and how those who live in them function in under 1000 sq ft.  my place, is a measly 250 sq ft!
i entered the contest last week.  i got a response that i would be contacted if chosen.  
i would then reach out to all my readers, friends, and family...and have everyone whore out my apartment and vote.  
and then, i would win the iPad!   
i haven't heard back.  
now i'm convinced i won't get in.
so i'll just post the pics here and show my readers how cute my 250sq feet are.  see:
i want that iPad, dammit.  if and when i hear back, i'll let you guys know so you can help me win! 
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hair crushin

seriously?  some good looking hair here.
 (and let's just tell ourselves for the sake of this post. and her hair. that is a faux fur. that is a faux fur. that is a faux fur..)

ffffound, 5 inch and up
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