Saturday, February 4, 2012

i poached eggs.

and I'm proud.
my relaxing day became full of accomplishment this morning after i finally poached an egg.  two, actually.  i (half-ass) tried years ago and quickly gave up after sorry results.
recipes are few and far between on here, but thought i should share how i finally succeeded.  
i read up a little on the basics here.
what i missed in the past was the importance of adding vinegar.  makes a huge difference.
try it!
2 eggs (go organic. you can totally tell.  you really can.)
1 tbsp of mild vinegar such as rice vinegar

salt the water.
just before water starts to boil, add the vinegar.
i broke each egg into a small glass so pouring it into the water would be easier.
when water boils, lower heat to a soft boil.
using a big spoon, stir water creating a whirlpool.
gently drop egg into the center of the pot.
use the spoon to keep whirlpool going.  this will help keep the whites together.
it will take less than a few minutes for the egg to take shape.
remove egg with a slotted spoon once your egg reaches desired firmness.
i ate mine on a toasted bialy with melted pepper jack and avocado.
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