Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more ombre love

it has been well over a year since the first time and i still get compliments on my ombre hair.
love that it's super low maintenance and i'm not in the salon every other month.
i'm going back soon for an update and can't wait.  
i did some browsing and ombre seems to have made its way into other sources of style.  
dresses, nails, cakes, bedding and more are now covered in faded color. 
see below for some of my favorite findings.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

sweater weather

sweaters have made a huge comeback in my wardrobe in recent years.
they are my most favorite pieces and range from wooly to linen.  
so easy to dress up and down as needed.  
love to pair with shorts, skirts, and over dresses.
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

exotic prints

exotic prints are everywhere right now.  the only way i feel like i can wear this look is when the print is much more subtle than bold.
i got the dress in the first picture just before my australia trip.  and even better, it was on sale.

the best way to wear animal...if ya ask me.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

i poached eggs.

and I'm proud.
my relaxing day became full of accomplishment this morning after i finally poached an egg.  two, actually.  i (half-ass) tried years ago and quickly gave up after sorry results.
recipes are few and far between on here, but thought i should share how i finally succeeded.  
i read up a little on the basics here.
what i missed in the past was the importance of adding vinegar.  makes a huge difference.
try it!
2 eggs (go organic. you can totally tell.  you really can.)
1 tbsp of mild vinegar such as rice vinegar

salt the water.
just before water starts to boil, add the vinegar.
i broke each egg into a small glass so pouring it into the water would be easier.
when water boils, lower heat to a soft boil.
using a big spoon, stir water creating a whirlpool.
gently drop egg into the center of the pot.
use the spoon to keep whirlpool going.  this will help keep the whites together.
it will take less than a few minutes for the egg to take shape.
remove egg with a slotted spoon once your egg reaches desired firmness.
i ate mine on a toasted bialy with melted pepper jack and avocado.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

black and white. i like.

and i'm back.
2012 is off to a great start.  lots to look forward to this year!  i'm settling back into new york's mild winter but anxious for warm weather.  because of this, my posts are not really geared towards one specific season right now.  i'm feeling it all.
thanks for patience, looking forward to posting more regularly.
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