Tuesday, December 20, 2011

down unda

my apologies for being absent lately.  i've had deadline after deadline at work lately and little time for anything extra.

i will be continuing this blogging hiatus for several more weeks...
because in a few days i leave for australia.  
(super excited is an understatement)

one of the first dear friends i made working in new york decided to move back to australia.  she has been urging me to visit for years now and i'm finally taking her up on that offer. (wasn't hard)

i fly into sydney, where i'll then hop on a short flight to the gold coast, where jennie grew up.  i will soon find out what it's like to experience christmas on the beach and during the summer. (!!!)

the part of the trip i think i'm most excited about is the camping portion on crescent head beach. (see picture above.  that's real life.)  jennie and i will camp for four nights with a group of her friends while celebrating the new year.  these friends will become my friends, my drinking buddies and my surf instructors.

the last few days of my trip i'll be staying with jennie in bondi beach and discovering what i hear to be the best place to live on earth.  i plan to take an insane amount of pictures with my sweet new camera and will post many of them upon my return.

until then, i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

xoxo sb

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