Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'm back (or at abc kitchen)

happy new year! wow.  

i've been delaying this post because it sort of overwhelms me.
2010 couldn't have been a better year.  so many important, exciting, life changing, heartwarming, inspiring and incredible things happened to me in 2010.

i'm extremely thankful for everyone i know that i hold close to my heart that made my year so wonderful.
2011 definitely has a lot to live up to but i don't doubt it will be any less thrilling.

i spent the last few weeks of '10 traveling.  i spent time in california visiting with close friends.  i was in north carolina with my family and friends over the holidays.  and i spent the last few days at home in new york with all of the leftover snow.  it was a tiring and also relaxing ending to a great year.
i'll share with you the place i frequented the most this past month.  abc kitchen.  i've been posting less food lately but i can't go without mentioning abc.  my mouth waters just thinking about the meals i've had there.  abc kitchen is not only beautiful and delicious -- it's sustainable.  materials are recycled and dishes are organic.

i'll leave you with a few images below, but they won't hold a candle to actually going and enjoying for yourself.  and when you do.. order the roasted squash toast.   

  orange marinated olives
cauliflower soup
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