Thursday, October 7, 2010

new york city living

a few weeks in and my apartment is actually coming together.  i still have a few more purchases to make, but most things are in place.  i'll be going to brooklyn flea this weekend and hopefully track down a small kitchen table.  when everything needs to be tiny size, things are harder to find.
here is what's going on so far:
the entry isn't much, but i found a place for my vintage burlap coffee bag and rug.
i love how the white washed mirror helps the living area look a bit larger.  
this is half of my couch.  the chaise lounge piece is in storage, but this piece fits perfectly!  i was also thinking my coffee table would be too large but it fills the room in a good way.
my woodard sculptura chairs will go with the to-be-purchased dining table.  the custom shelves that hold my dishes and tv were put up by a friend.  more on that in the next post!
the bedroom is. um. small. but i love the new shelf above the bed. 
my closet didn't have a door.  so we made one.  more on that later.  i love how the bench i made looks at the end of the bed.
the computer desk will eventually be replaced by a smaller one...but will remain in front of the large bedroom window.
i found this shower curtain on sale at anthropologie.  it goes really well with the vintage marble bathroom.
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