Wednesday, August 25, 2010

kim hastreiter is inspiring sb

i just got back from a quick work trip to boston that was more than great.
we, the creatives behind the products of converse, gathered together for the day to meet a few very talented and accomplished people.
to get inspired.
my favorite speaker? kim hastreiter.
she's one of those people you want to follow around. or have a dinner with and just listen for hours at all of her amazing stories and not say a word because you wonder what you've been doing for the past...29 years. my stories don't quite stack up.
so inspiring.
she realized years ago that creative people need their own source of news and didn't have their own voice. so she started PAPER magazine out of her NYC apt in 1984. she has spent her career putting creative people in the same room with other equally talented people. which means she's responsible for many great things that have happened in art and fashion over the past 25 years.
thank you, kim, for meeting with us.
you've inspired a new level of drive inside sb.
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  1. wow. 1884? kim is ooooooold.

    in all seriousness though, im glad you had an inspiring trip. now inspire me with pictures of your new place... :)

  2. yay people are reading!
    thanks for letting me know - i'm always afraid of typos.



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