Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY white washed mirror

after my stay at the surf lodge.. i've been loving the white washed/sun faded/sandy beach cabin look.
so i'm bringing elements into my home.
my friend showed me how to white wash my giant ikea mirror, so now i'm sharing with you... it was super easy.
if it's made of wood, white wash it!

you will need:
plastic tarp
paint tray
paint brush (the older & crunchier. the better.)
white paint or primer (i used primer)
masking or painting tape

step 1 - clean & sand the wood surface. be sure to put down plastic to avoid any splatters or spills
step 2 - if your piece has parts that you don't want to paint, apply tape along edges to keep things neat
step 3 - mix a small amount of equal parts paint & water in the painting tray
step 4 - brush thin layers in one direction onto wood
step 5 - let dry & apply one more layer
step 6 - sand along any edges to get an even more weathered look

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