Friday, June 4, 2010

converse art show

a recent work trip to LA gave us the idea for a converse employee art show. our graphics team came back and put the idea in the right hands.
the event was incredible. it took place last night at the Ace Hotel, which was perfect. everyone that entered is so talented and showed amazing work.
i was particularly excited about finishing a piece i've been working on for 11 years. finally, the marlboro man is done.
and i already have some ideas for my next piece...
here are a few pics from last night..

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  1. i hope you added my name on there somewhere. you do remember that i added between 10-15 dots!

    congratulations! looks grrrreat!!

  2. Wow! I remember the Marlboro Man! I am so glad he is done. Great work Steph!

  3. success!! you got a lot done in 2 days! looks great!

  4. stephanie - love the MM... you did an awesome job.


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